For international attendees to PIERS, normally visa will be required if the flights are between the attendee's home country and Xiamen.


1) Xiamen is one of very few cities in China with the 144-hour Transit Visa Exemption Policy for citizens from 53 countries (see here for requirements).Before applying for a visa, please check whether your case fit in the scope of visa exemption,please refer to this brief Introduction.  FAQ of 144-hour Visa-free Transit Policy in Xiamen.doc  FAQ of 144-hour Visa-free Transit Policy in Xiamen.pdf

2) To attend the 42nd PIERS in Xiamen, most non-Chinese citizens need to apply for an F-type visa (Issued to those who intend to go to China for exchanges, visits, study tours and other activities).We will provide official invitation letters as visa support documents in applications for all PIERS Symposium participants who need one. Visa support, i.e. visa invitation, is a document that allows you to obtain a visa to China based upon the purpose of the trip and the duration of stay in China. Please note that visa invitation cannot be used in place of a visa.

3) If there are partners travelling with you but not the attendee(s) of this conference, it is recommended they have a Tourist visa (L-type visa).

4) If other type of visa is required to enter China, please refer to a brief introduction to Chinese Visa or consult the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General.


In principle, travelers, who are out of the scope of visa-free and arrive in China without a visa, will not be permitted to enter the country and will be repatriated at their own expense.


In process:

If it is necessary to possess a visa to enter China, one could apply for it through Chinese Visa Application Service Centers which provide convenient services including Quick Access.

The document requirements of each type of visa for China can refer to this website.

We will provide official invitation letters as visa support documents in applications for all PIERS Symposium participants who need one. Invitation Letter can be downloaded after PIERS Login.

After receiving the invitation letter, one can submit the application to Chinese Visa Application Service Center in your region.

For your reference:

  • You are advised to apply ONE month in advance but no earlier than THREE months.

  • In general, a visa typically takes 4 working days to process if all the accompanying documents meet the requirements and process time may be longer than 4 working days for specific cases.[From FAQ of the official website]

  • When filling in the dates of your visit in application form,it is best to add extra days (1-2 days) at both ends of your period of stay to avoid the inconvenience when experiences the flight delay and other unexpected situations.


Special Reminder

The invitation letter may be in the form of fax, photocopy or computer printout, but the consular officer may require the applicant to submit the original of the invitation letter.

If you need the PIERS invitation letter with official stamp, please email the following information to PIERS OFFICE: By default, we will send you a scanned copy of the invitation letter with official stamp.

  • the applicant's full name, passport number, date of birth and gender exactly as it appears on the passport

  • the passport expiry date

  • the date(s) of your intended entry and exit

If you need the original copy of PIERS invitation letter with official stamp, you need to pay the delivery fee in advance if delivered by express mail. Please contact the PIERS OFFICE via email:

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